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Read in-depth analysis on the Chinese Market with insights, research and opinions from our team of experienced professionals.

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Find out what’s been happening at Sinorbis recently. Learn more about the team behind our work and discover what we’ve been working on.

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With one of the world’s largest online communities, China’s digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and incredibly unique. Learn more about the way Chinese consumers use the web and interact with social media and read the latest Chinese Digital Marketing News and insights with Sinorblog and discover how to overcome the technical challenges business face when operating from outside of China.

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You might know about the Chinese market, but it’s essential you know who you’re marketing to. Understand Chinese consumers and their shopping habits with Sinorblog as we share insights, research and analysis on consumer preferences and the different mindsets of key consumer groups in the region.

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Discover what it’s really like to do business in China as we share first-hand insights, case studies, tips and general information on the Chinese business environment.

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Get the latest news on the Chinese economic system and learn more about the unique cultural differences of the Chinese market with Sinorblog.

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Keep updated on what’s happening in China with Sinorblog. Here you’ll find our insights on China’s economic headlines, statistics, market interest, companies, business opportunities and everything else you need to know when doing business in the Chinese market.

CASE Study: PharmaCare leverages Sinorbis to reach Chinese digital consumers

After over three decades of success on home ground, major Australian producer of nutrition and supplement products, PharmaCare, was looking to tap into the lucrative China market, bringing its household brands such as Nature’s Way, Bioglan, Fatblaster and Skindoctors to mainland Chinese consumers.

 Airing Wang, PharmaCare’s brand manager for China, said..

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Case study: How Chatty Kids cracked the WeChat marketing code

There are few Australian companies that have been able to crack the WeChat marketing code, and Chatty Kids, an educational platform that helps kids learn how to read and speak English, is one of them. At this year’s Access China Summit, Chatty Kids founder Ken Taggart spoke about how his start-up have used WeChat to win over Chinese consumers, and what..

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4 secrets to Tourism Australia’s digital marketing success in China

When it comes to organisations that have managed to capitalise on the Chinese travel market, Tourism Australia is an exemplary success story. In 2009, the overnight expenditure of Chinese tourists was contributing about $3 billion to the Australian economy, and was projected to reach $9 billion by 2020. Today, that initial projection has already been..

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Using Chinese search engines for market research

Search engine insights remain one of the easiest and cheapest way to do market research in China, allowing you to optimise your marketing activity and platforms to suit your user’s needs. For instance, Baidu Index (known as Baidu Zhishu and comparable with Google Trends) allows users to look up the search volume and trends for certain hot keywords and..

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Why your brand needs social listening in China

International fast food giant KFC had to weather many storms in the Chinese market. Only a couple of years ago, the company had to deal with the fallout from dark PR when three competitors started rumours on Chinese social media alleging KFC used genetically modified chickens with six wings and eight legs in their production. The post went live complete..

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How to use WeChat to market to Chinese consumers

China’s super app WeChat is continuing to make waves in Western media. The life-encompassing nature of its features such as making payments, ordering taxis, catching up with news and connecting with friends and family have firmly established WeChat as a social media platform that’s unlike anything else in the world.

The New York Times recognised the..

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3 little-known ways to improve the quality of your Chinese website traffic

The Chinese digital landscape is the most vibrant and fast-changing in the world. And there’s hardly anyone that understands the dynamics of the shifting digital ecosystem better than Sidney Song, Chief Data Officer at Publicis Media. At the inaugural Access China Summit, he delivered an international keynote presentation about the most important..

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CASE STUDY: Biostime’s Online Reputation Management increases positive search results by 2400% within 12 months


Learn how Sinorbis-Netconcepts helped Biostime, a Chinese domestic brand of infant milk powder, to build an online reputation around the brand and launch its new product SN-2 Plus. Positive search results in first 2 SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) increased by 24 times within 12 months.


Biostime’s China digital marketing challenge


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Revealed: Four critical aspects to produce an effective landing page for China

A landing page is one of the access or starting pages through which your targeted customers first visit your website.  Companies often leverage landing pages to promote new products, features, or campaigns so they are quickly brought to a user’s attention.

Why do you need a landing page?

What is the goal of your landing page? It is very important to..

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Online Reputation Management: Building Your Brand in China

It’s an ongoing journey and continuous efforts are needed to build your brand identity and reputation online, especially when you are entering a new and unfamiliar marketplace. First you must have your business noticed and then you need to get people talking about it, but it must be the right kind of conversation.

In China, your brand reputation is..

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8 Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Optimal Chinese Search Engine Results

The better the SEO of your website, the better the likelihood of your website receiving a higher ranking on the organic search results of Chinese search engines. By virtue of its cost-effective advantages, website SEO has become one of the major digital channel for companies to build up their brand and attract traffic.

However, there are still some..

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Revealed: How to gain top ranking in Chinese search engine results

The Chinese search engine is a vital tool that must be understood and mastered by any company wishing to tap into the Chinese market. In this post, we will address the most important factors marketers need to consider to develop an effective search engine strategy for China.

Before we develop a strategy for the Chinese search engine, we need to define..

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How foreign brands can successfully position themselves in China

Global marketers can no longer rely on "foreignness" to add premium values to their foreign brands in the Chinese market. But in some categories health and safety concerns have seen a comeback in foreign brand relevance.

It’s important to understand the historical context to evaluate where we are today with regard to the foreign-local brand dynamic in..

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China SEO: SEO Link Building & Optimisation for Chinese search engines

Chinese search engine optimisation is indispensable to your digital presence in China and should be one of your company’s top priorities to tap into Chinese online demand. As a key part of the search engine ranking and optimisation strategy,  website link building involves both internal and external links. Both types of links play an important role for..

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4 steps to generate the best SEO keyword for China SEO

Your website ranking and traffic is a direct result of how you select and optimize your website keywords. During the China SEO keyword selection, you need to consider primary keywords, secondary keywords as well as long tail keywords. So how do you select keywords with targeted traffic?

There are four steps you need to consider. They are the choice of..

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WeChat accounts and WeChat marketing 101

WeChat is a popular marketing and social messaging app with over 1.1 billion registered accounts and 846 million monthly active users, according to Tencent’s Q3 results for 2016. Known as Weixin which is translated as ‘micro message’, the communication service was designed by the Chinese based company Tencent in 2011 achieving instant popularity.


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3 key differences between Western and Chinese search engine ranking signals

The Chinese search engine market is booming and the demand for information from Chinese consumers remains insatiable. With over 700 million active internet users in 2016 and 6 billion daily search queries on Baidu alone, improving your search engine ranking remains one of the most effective ways to reach Chinese digital consumers.


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The top 5 things to know for an effective mobile SEO in China

With the growing competition in PPC, i.e. search engine marketing in China, more and more businesses have become aware of the enormous potential in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), on both desktop and mobile devices. Here we show you how to do an effective mobile SEO for Chinese search engines and capitalise the opportunities from 695Mn mobile internet..

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Western and Chinese web design: what you need to know

Chinese internet culture is relatively young but is maturing with startling speed. In just a few years, Chinese web design has evolved greatly. However, English and Chinese websites are still substantially different, in more ways than just language. Chinese internet users like to browse through large amounts of information, both specific and related,..

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Chinese PPC and Sogou Search Engine

Sogou, China’s 2nd Largest Search Engine 

When Chinese search engines such as Baidu and Sogou are discussed, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is never far behind. PPC marketing is a fast, effective method of promotion for business owners that provides instant results. There are several major Chinese PPC platforms such as Baidu, Sogou, So.com and Shenma and..

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3 things you need to know about digital marketing in China

It’s now almost a year ago since the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) entered into force. Given that China is one of the world’s fastest growing consumer markets and home to over 710 million internet users, there’s no doubt that it holds tremendous opportunities for Australian businesses looking to expand their reach and global market share.

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The Great Firewall of China: everything you need to know about internet censorship

There are many hurdles a Western organisation looking to do business in China needs to jump: The culture clash, the language barrier and navigating digital eco-systems such as Chinese social media platforms and search engines like WeChat and Baidu. However, one of the biggest hurdles any expanding business will face is a large barrier of pervasive..

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Baidu SEO Keyword Filtering Approach

Compared with western search engines, Baidu SEO is very unique and hard. When doing SEO for Baidu, keyword research should be done for Baidu as well.

Chinese people will have different search preference than people in other countries. In this article, we outline key approach on Baidu SEO keyword filtering to help business better understand China..

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SEM China: 5 Steps for Better Results

Building a Plan for SEM China

Getting to know Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is essential for any business. It helps to cement your brand and reach a wider audience. In China SEM is the key to helping businesses break into that flourishing market.

SEM and SEO are used to raise your business profile. SEM refers to paid..

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Chinese Social Media: What you need to know

If you think you can take what you know about Social Media and implement it for the Chinese market, think again. While there may be certain similarities to the European and western markets, Chinese Social Media will pose many challenges. The platforms are different, and so is the way users interact with social media online.

However, as latest..

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Social Marketing Landscape in China

With more than 700 million social media users, China is one of the world’s most social nations, similar to Indonesia, Brazil and the United States.  As eCommerce and digital media rise in China, it is important for foreign companies not only to understand the importance of social marketing in China, but also to learn how to leverage this powerful vehicle..

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Remain Visible in Baidu SEM After the Wei Zexi Incident

21-year-old Wei Zexi, a Chinese college student, hit the news in April when he died from a rare form of cancer. It wasn’t his death that raised concern, but the form of treatment he was given in a Beijing hospital. He had sought help for his condition, searching for answers from China’s top search engine, Baidu. He chose an experimental treatment from a..

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China Search Engine Marketing

With Western search engines such as Google almost non-existent in China, it’s no surprise that SEO and SEM strategies in the country are entirely different. Just as China has its own Chinese social media channels, it also has its own Chinese search engines, meaning that search engine optimisation tactics in the region are much different to those in the..

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