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Sinorblog is home to in depth analysis on the Chinese Market with news, insights, research and opinions from our team of experienced professionals. Covering a wide range of topics, the Sinorblog aims to help you understand what’s happening in the marketplace, what it’s like to do business in China and what impact digital marketing has in the region.

Using our local knowledge, experience and expertise, we’re demystifying the Chinese Market to help you understand what is needed to setup and grow your business in China.

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Tencent confirms WeChat will introduce paid content for official accounts

As reported by Technode. WeChat will roll out paid services for content offered by official accounts and have invited selected official...Read More

Premium products are hot in China

As reported by Marketing Interactive. Chinese consumers are looking for a taste of the good life, with sales of premium tier products growing...Read More

Working it out: new trends in fitness in China

As reported by CKGSD Knowledge. New approaches to health and wellness in China are coming into vogue, particularly among the young, hip and...Read More

The 2016 WeChat Data Report

As reported by WeChat Chatterbox. The latest data report from WeChat 2016 show a 67% y-o-y growth in the number of messages sent per day,...Read More

As Cross-Border buying booms, so does Tmall Global

As reported by Alizilia. The demand for overseas goods continues to drive cross-border e-commerce in China, and, as a result, further...Read More

WeChat on a collision course with Apple

As reported by Tech in Asia. China's WeChat has rolled out a system that allows people on its social network to access apps that don't need to...Read More