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Read in-depth analysis on the Chinese Market with insights, research and opinions from our team of experienced professionals.

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Find out what’s been happening at Sinorbis recently. Learn more about the team behind our work and discover what we’ve been working on.

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With one of the world’s largest online communities, China’s digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and incredibly unique. Learn more about the way Chinese consumers use the web and interact with social media and read the latest Chinese Digital Marketing News and insights with Sinorblog and discover how to overcome the technical challenges business face when operating from outside of China.

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You might know about the Chinese market, but it’s essential you know who you’re marketing to. Understand Chinese consumers and their shopping habits with Sinorblog as we share insights, research and analysis on consumer preferences and the different mindsets of key consumer groups in the region.

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Discover what it’s really like to do business in China as we share first-hand insights, case studies, tips and general information on the Chinese business environment.

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Get the latest news on the Chinese economic system and learn more about the unique cultural differences of the Chinese market with Sinorblog.

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Keep updated on what’s happening in China with Sinorblog. Here you’ll find our insights on China’s economic headlines, statistics, market interest, companies, business opportunities and everything else you need to know when doing business in the Chinese market.

CASE Study: PharmaCare leverages Sinorbis to reach Chinese digital consumers

After over three decades of success on home ground, major Australian producer of nutrition and supplement products, PharmaCare, was looking to tap into the lucrative China market, bringing its household brands such as Nature’s Way, Bioglan, Fatblaster and Skindoctors to mainland Chinese consumers.

 Airing Wang, PharmaCare’s brand manager for China, said..

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Case study: How Chatty Kids cracked the WeChat marketing code

There are few Australian companies that have been able to crack the WeChat marketing code, and Chatty Kids, an educational platform that helps kids learn how to read and speak English, is one of them. At this year’s Access China Summit, Chatty Kids founder Ken Taggart spoke about how his start-up have used WeChat to win over Chinese consumers, and what..

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How Nike, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton failed in China: Red dragons, red ink and red envelopes, part 3

According to Global Rev Gen’s executive director Rob Brown, there are three big reasons why non-Chinese companies fail when it comes to doing business in China, which he revealed during his presentation at the Access China Summit 2017.

In part two of this three-part series, we revealed the second reason: “red ink”. This was the term Brown used to..

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Red dragons, red ink and red envelopes, part 2: Why the biggest businesses in the world have failed in China

According to Global Rev Gen’s executive director Rob Brown, there are three big reasons why non-Chinese companies fail when it comes to doing business, which he revealed during his presentation at the Access China Summit 2017.

In part one of this three-part series, we revealed the first reason: “red dragons”. This was the term Brown used to describe the..

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Swisse’s former CEO Radek Sali on doing business in China

If there’s one example of an Australian company that has really got a handle on the Chinese consumer market, it’s Swisse. After just four years, 40 per cent of the company’s sales were coming from China – a situation that was virtually unheard of. In December 2016, Hong Kong-listed company Biostime International completed its takeover of Swisse, ..

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4 secrets to Tourism Australia’s digital marketing success in China

When it comes to organisations that have managed to capitalise on the Chinese travel market, Tourism Australia is an exemplary success story. In 2009, the overnight expenditure of Chinese tourists was contributing about $3 billion to the Australian economy, and was projected to reach $9 billion by 2020. Today, that initial projection has already been..

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What level of education and fields of study are sought by Chinese students when studying overseas

Chinese students study abroad in record numbers, but what level of education are they looking for, and what fields of study are the most popular?

The Master’s degree is by far the most common level of education being sought overseas. 54% of Chinese students choosing to study in Australia are targeting a Master’s, along with 59% (the highest) in the UK..

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Which are the top Chinese cities that search for Australian education by Chinese students?

For marketers and education institutions targeting international Chinese students, it’s important to understand as much as possible about them. This includes which provinces the Chinese students are likely to come from, and what device they use when looking for international education. A deeper understanding about this information will be very useful for..

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The top secret to reaching prospective Chinese students

Finding the right education, choosing the right destination county and then arranging the move overseas is not something that can be done quickly by Chinese students considering overseas education. Chinese people like to carefully research everything before they begin their preparations. For marketers and education institutions planning their strategy,..

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How foreign brands can successfully position themselves in China

Global marketers can no longer rely on "foreignness" to add premium values to their foreign brands in the Chinese market. But in some categories health and safety concerns have seen a comeback in foreign brand relevance.

It’s important to understand the historical context to evaluate where we are today with regard to the foreign-local brand dynamic in..

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Top factors influencing destination country, university and fields of study for Chinese students

Chinese students wanting to study oversees need to make big decisions when choosing to study abroad: destination country, university and fields of study. So then, what are the top factors that help Chinese students and their parents make these decisions? Here we uncover the top factors that influence their decision to help you understand the ..

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The top purposes and concerns of Chinese students studying abroad

The top purposes Chinese students study abroad

Chinese students choose to study abroad for many reasons. While some students may study abroad at the request of their parents (12%), the majority do so for an enriched personal experience (64%). Other reasons from a students’ perspective include advanced knowledge (54%), future employment prospects (46%)..

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Top drivers of Chinese consumers’ demand for international products

China is now the largest online shopping market in the world, reaching USD$683 Bn (RMB 4.7 Tn)1 gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2016, with 467 million digital shoppers and accounting for over 40% of the total global online shopping sales.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. According to Forbes, online sales are expected to grow a further 20%,..

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Top searched Australian universities online by Chinese students

Chinese students are heading overseas to study in record numbers, and regardless of the country of interest, Chinese students had quite clear preferences for specific universities when searching online. The exciting trend is that although there are universities that are obviously more favoured, Chinese students can be influenced in their interest as a..

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Who makes the decision when selecting an overseas university, Chinese students or their parents?

As digital marketers, it’s important to get your message straight to the decision maker, but who is the decision maker for Chinese students studying at international universities? Traditional Chinese culture would indicate that parents are the decision makers, but times change, and the millennial generation is becoming increasingly independent and have..

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Australia is about to overtake Britain as the second most preferred destination for Chinese international students

Sinorbis’s CEO, Nicolas Chu, appeared on Sky News Business show ‘Ticky’ to discuss the latest insights on Chinese international students. 

Drawing on the latest research in our whitepaper The Learning Dragon: Studying with International Chinese Students, Nicolas explored the issues Chinese students consider when choosing an international university or..

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Top 3 recommendations for attracting the Chinese millennial traveller

The Chinese millennial traveller is an important part of the tourism boom in China. Chinese tourists are exploring more of the world and traveling more often. The China National Tourism Board reported that in 2015, 120 million Chinese outbound travellers spent A$287 billion (US$215 billion) worldwide on overseas trips.i

Every year, Australia receives a..

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The 3 key insights from the 2016 International Student Recruitment and Marketing Conference

Recently the Sinorbis team attended the 2016 International Student Recruitment and Marketing Conference. The conference attracted experts and thought leaders from major universities and educational institutes from around Australia. Over the course of the event, the speakers presented research into:

  • what international students want;
  • what Australia can..
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China’s Unique Online User Behaviour

Social, cultural and economic differences between China and the West mean that online user behaviour patterns often differ significantly. Things such as use of email, the e-commerce habits and an emphasis on trust and reputation are a result of these differences. Understanding the differences in Chinese consumer behaviour and developing an understanding..

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The Chinese Student

More and more students are leaving their hometowns and travelling overseas for their education each year. China is the top country of origin for international students around the world and is the number 1 country of origin for the US and Australia. According to the China Educational Bureau, in 2014, over 459,800 Chinese students packed their bags and..

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Real Estate - The Chinese Buyers

Chinese real estate investment overseas is at an all-time high, with Chinese buyers now the fastest growing segment of real estate buyers globally. Rising incomes, good educational resources and living conditions, ROI in property and permanent ownership of property are all the main reasons why

Chinese buyers invest their money in properties around the..

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The Chinese Traveller

UPDATE : Read the latest information from around the world as our experts present a clear picture of the Chinese traveller and show how businesses can capture the opportunity that sits in front of them. Download our free whitepaper on Chinese Tourists now.

Each and every day, hundreds of thousands of tourists land in Australia, ready to take in the..

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The Chinese Digital Consumer

Digital Market in China is much larger than many expect. With over 668 million consumers connected to the internet and 596 million mobile internet users.

China has both the largest internet population and the largest number of mobile internet users in the world. Any business looking to promote their products in China needs to join the online revolution.

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