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Discover what it’s really like to do business in China as we share first-hand insights, case studies, tips and general information on the Chinese business environment.

China Case study: How to build your Online Brand Reputation

Learn how Sinorbis-Netconcepts helped Biostime, a Chinese domestic brand of infant milk powder, to build an online brand reputation and launch its new product SN-2 Plus . Positive search results in first 2 SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) increased by 24 times within 12 months.

Biostime’s China digital marketing challenge

During 2015, Biostime launched..

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4 pro tips for designing a high-converting landing page for China

A landing page is one of the access or starting pages through which your targeted customers first visit your website.  Companies often leverage these pages to promote new products, features, or campaigns so they are quickly brought to a user’s attention.

Why do you want to create a landing page?

Before you start creating a new Chinese webpage for your..

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Online Reputation Management: Building Your Brand in China

It’s an ongoing journey and continuous efforts are needed to build your brand identity and reputation online, especially when you are entering a new and unfamiliar marketplace. First you must have your business noticed and then you need to get people talking about it, but it must be the right kind of conversation.

In China, your brand reputation is..

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Western and Chinese website design: What you need to know

Chinese internet culture is relatively young but is maturing with startling speed. In just a few years, Chinese web design has evolved greatly. However, English and Chinese websites are still substantially different, in more ways than just language. Chinese internet users like to browse through large amounts of information, both specific and related,..

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Exciting launch of Sinorbis University’s monthly conference series

‘China is big. China is different.’ Nicolas Chu, CEO and Founder of Sinorbis kicked off the first session in an exciting series of events by declaring that businesses are not prepared for how big or how different the Chinese business space is. This first event, entitled Learn how to acquire Chinese consumers through digital marketing, explored the issues..

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How understanding Chinese business culture unlocks opportunities

Let the states of equilibrium and harmony exist in perfection, and a happy order will prevail throughout heaven and earth, and all things will be nourished and flourish.                -       Confucius

The path into Chinese commerce can be more of a slippery slope. The various digital platforms and different sales channels are loaded with their own..

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Chinese social media landscape

With more than 700 million social media users, China is one of the world’s most social nations, similar to Indonesia, Brazil and the United States. As eCommerce and digital media rise in China, it is important for foreign companies not only to understand the Chinese social media landscape, but also to learn how to leverage this powerful vehicle in their..

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The Launch of Sinorbis

During the morning of Tuesday 31 May 2016, Sinorbis hosted its official launch event in the heart of Sydney CBD at Merivale’s event venue, Fourth Floor. Guests, who included clients, investors and media representatives, mingled over delicate sweets and treats, and I’m sure I heard someone say something about a dragon….

To business, and kicking off the..

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ICP China license: What Do You Need to Know

Up until recently, obtaining an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing or licence was the only way to guarantee fast loading speed in mainland China as it allows you to host your website in China. In this article we dive deep into the key features of ICP China License, as well as the new solution we provide for a fast load time in China.

ICP Licenses -..

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Is it the right time to enter the Chinese Market?

These days, the Chinese economy is one which often confuses business owners.

Who hasn’t seen one of those reports describing "new normal" low GDP levels, massive economic bubbles or China’s stock market crashes?

Despite all this, the Chinese market is one that is filled with opportunities for overseas businesses. China, as well as being the second..

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