Digital Marketing in China 50 articles

With one of the world’s largest online communities, China’s digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and incredibly unique. Learn more about the way Chinese consumers use the web and interact with social media and read the latest Chinese Digital Marketing News and insights with Sinorblog and discover how to overcome the technical challenges business face when operating from outside of China.

Move over Gen Y and Z: the rise of older KOLs in China

When we talk about KOL marketing in China, the conversation tends to revolve around younger – that is, millennial and Gen Z – KOLs. This can be for a number of reasons: the “cool factor” that youth can give brands; the growing spending power and influence of this demographic; the idea of “getting them young” and cultivating loyal customers who will..

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How to use Tencent ads to reach Chinese international students

Recently, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Silvia Zeng, Tencent’s Senior Business Development Manager for New Markets. Silvia was kind enough to spend some time giving us a comprehensive overview of the Tencent ecosystem and how education marketers can get the most out of Tencent advertising to reach Chinese international students.


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Tencent advertising for universities: your webinar questions answered

We recently had the privilege of hosting Silvia Zeng, Tencent’s Senior Business Development Manager for New Markets, for a highly informative hour-long webinar on Tencent advertising for universities looking to recruit Chinese international students. If you weren’t able to make the webinar, you can download the recording here.

Many of our webinar..

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5 ways marketers can take advantage of the Douyin app

Since bursting onto the scene in September 2016, Douyin has become one of the fastest-growing apps in China. In 2018, the app saw explosive growth going from 150 million to 250 million daily active users in the space of just 6 months.

But with signs growth is beginning to slow, is Douyin here to stay? More importantly, should marketers be jumping onto..

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How to nail KOL marketing in China

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Elijah Whaley for an hour-long webinar about KOL marketing in China. As former chief marketing officer of influencer marketing platform PARKLU, Whaley is one of the world’s foremost experts on KOLs, and our discussion ranged from the dos and don’ts of KOL marketing, when and how to include KOLs in your ..

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Our quick-fire guide to Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) marketing

Since its founding in 2013, Little Red Book (or Xiaohongshu) has become one of the fastest-growing platforms in China, now boasting over 80 million active users.

And even though the platform has recently experienced some setbacks with the app reportedly being pulled from Chinese app stores due to content promoting restricted or forbidden products, we..

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Why your China digital marketing strategy needs a growth mindset

We often see clients who are a bit overoptimistic about what it takes to be successful in China. “China has a population of 1.3 billion,” they say. “Even if we only manage a penetration of 0.1%, that’s still 13 million people – more than half the population of Australia!”

While this sounds great in theory, these numbers don’t give the full picture. When..

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3 must-known facts about data security law in China

On 1 June 2017, the Chinese government put into effect the Cybersecurity Law, with the intention of bringing China in line with global cybersecurity and data privacy best practices that have been adopted elsewhere (such as the GDPR in Europe). The Law also includes penalties for non-compliance, including large fines (the maximum fine being RMB 1.. Read more

How China’s middle-class is changing

According to research by China Internet Watch (CIW), mainland China is now home to 33.2 million  middle-class households. The majority of middle-class households are based in East China, accounting for over 40% of the total.

Over 10 million out of the 33.2 million Chinese households belong to the ‘new middle class’ which refers to people who own a high..

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5 major trends in Australian exports to China

China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, representing 28% of Australia’s export market. While trade and investment relationships have been strong for many years, the enactment of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement in 2015 has boosted trade relations even further.

The Chinese market remains, therefore, a huge opportunity for Australian business..

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