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Digital Marketing in China 3 articles

With one of the world’s largest online communities, China’s digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and incredibly unique. Learn more about the way Chinese consumers use the web and interact with social media and read the latest Chinese Digital Marketing News and insights with Sinorblog and discover how to overcome the technical challenges business face when operating from outside of China.

5 creative Chinese New Year marketing ideas

As important as Christmas is to Western consumers, the Chinese Lunar New Year is like Christmas on steroids. According to China UnionPay, last year Chinese consumers spent 462 billion yuan (over 94 billion Australian dollars) during the Lunar New Year holiday, a figure that was a year-on-year increase of a whopping 48.1%.

So it makes sense, of course,..

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Top tips on how to design a mobile-responsive website for the Chinese market

Of the 731 million internet users in China, an astounding 695 million of them are on mobile. That’s 95 per cent of all internet users. Having a mobile-responsive site, therefore, is not just good practice – it’s an absolute necessity if you’re serious about breaking into the Chinese market. 

In a nutshell, responsive web design is when websites are..

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Chinese digital marketing trends to watch in 2018

2017 was a big year in the Chinese digital landscape. One particularly interesting development we saw was the diversification of the big players: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, collectively known as BAT.

Tencent’s WeChat, for example, have been making huge strides in their search function, allowing users to find articles, mini programs and accounts more..

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