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Discover what it’s really like to do business in China as we share first-hand insights, case studies, tips and general information on the Chinese business environment.

Top searched Australian universities online by Chinese students

Chinese students are heading overseas to study in record numbers, and regardless of the country of interest, they had quite clear preferences for specific universities when searching online. The exciting trend is that although there are universities that are obviously more favoured, Chinese students can be influenced in their interest as a result of more..

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Who makes the decision when selecting an overseas university

As digital marketers, it’s important to get your message straight to the decision maker, but who is the decision maker for Chinese students when they are selecting an overseas university? Traditional Chinese culture would indicate that parents are the decision makers, but times change, and the millennial generation is becoming increasingly independent..

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Australia is second preferred study destination for chinese students

Sinorbis’s CEO, Nicolas Chu, appeared on Sky News Business show ‘Ticky’ to discuss the latest insights on Chinese international students. 

Drawing on the latest research in our whitepaper The Learning Dragon: Studying with International Chinese Students, Nicolas explored the issues Chinese students consider when choosing an international university or..

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Top 3 recommendations for attracting the Chinese millennial traveller

The Chinese millennial traveller is an important part of the tourism boom in China. Chinese tourists are exploring more of the world and traveling more often. The China National Tourism Board reported that in 2015, 120 million Chinese outbound travellers spent A$287 billion (US$215 billion) worldwide on overseas trips.i

Every year, Australia receives a..

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Case study: UTAS successfully lifts Chinese student recruitment by 44%


Learn how Sinorbis helped the University of Tasmania (UTAS) transform their digital marketing presence in China and assisted lifting Chinese student recruitment by 44% in just one year.

UTAS Digital Marketing Challenge in China

When it comes to marketing, UTAS has long adopted a digital mindset. “Our attitude is web first, everything else..

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Key insights from International Student Recruitment Conference

Recently the Sinorbis team attended the 2016 International Student Recruitment and Marketing Conference. The conference attracted experts and thought leaders from major universities and educational institutes from around Australia. Over the course of the event, the speakers presented research into:

  • What international students want;
  • What Australia can..
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Chinese Consumer Behaviour's Uniqueness in the Online World

Social, cultural and economic differences between China and the West mean that online user behaviour patterns often differ significantly. Things such as use of email, the e-commerce habits and an emphasis on trust and reputation are a result of these differences.

Understanding the differences in Chinese consumer behaviour and developing an understanding..

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The Chinese International Student

More and more students are leaving their hometowns and travelling overseas for their education each year. China is the top country of origin for international students around the world and is the number 1 country of origin for the US and Australia. According to the China Educational Bureau, in 2014, over 459,800 Chinese students packed their bags and..

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Chinese Property Investors - Real Estate

Chinese real estate investment overseas is at an all-time high, with Chinese buyers now the fastest growing segment of real estate buyers globally. Rising incomes, good educational resources and living conditions, ROI in property and permanent ownership of property are all the main reasons why these buyers invest their money in properties around the..

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The Chinese Traveller

UPDATE : Read the latest information from around the world as our experts present a clear picture of the Chinese traveller and show how businesses can capture the opportunity that sits in front of them. Download our free whitepaper on Chinese Tourists now.

Each and every day, hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists land in Australia, ready to take..

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