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Digital marketing in China: our top stories for October 2018

October 31, 2018 |   Christine Lee

Understanding trends in China is essential when targeting Chinese digital consumers. In this post we include the latest stories on boosting sales with WeChat, the surge of mobile payment options amoung Chinese travellers, an infographic on what happens in one minute on the Chinese Internet, and more.

1WeChat on-demand service boosts sales

As reported by Jing Daily.

Rinascente, the Italian retailer that provides high-end fashion, accessories, beauty, homeware, design and food brands, launched its personal concierge service on WhatsApp last year, which helped increase its sales worldwide. And it hopes it can replicate its success with WeChat. 

As half of Rinascente’s total revenues are attributed to foreign customers, it has sought to better connect with them. In particular, Chinese customers are among its top consumers with average spending per person reaching AUD$400 (€250), and that figure continued to grow in the first half of 2018. Rinascente processed more than 275,000 transactions from Chinese customers in the first half.

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2. Mobile payments surge amoung Chinese travellers: Alipay

As reported by ZD Net.

Popular overseas destinations for Chinese consumers saw mobile payments surge during the week-long Chinese public holiday between October 1 and 7, according to Alibaba's mobile payment arm Alipay.

The popular Chinese mobile payment service provider -- which has been actively extending its services to global destinations after its domestic market has become an almost cashless society -- said Bicester Village outlet shopping centre in the United Kingdom, Dotonbori commercial zone in Osaka, and Australia's Sydney Airport are the top three popular destinations among Chinese consumers, with mobile payments through Alipay increasing by 90-fold, 70-fold, and 55-fold, respectively, during the week, according to a Sina news report.

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3. WeChat updates add pressure to subscription account content creators

As reported by Technode.

Tencent announced its new version for iOS WeChat on September 25 and laid out more challenges for players eyeing the WeChat subscription content cake.

Despite some cool sounding features, some updates are making subscription account owners anxious. WeChat added a “Frequently Read” content row displaying users’ most popular content subscription accounts. The row sticks to the top of the subscription main page and will notify users of any updates from the accounts.

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4. Five things you need to know about affluent Chinese travellers

As reported by Jing Daily.

Affluent Chinese tourists, travellers with a net worth of AUD$2 million (RMB 10 million) or more, are creating huge opportunities in the outbound travel market thanks to their growing demand for high-quality lifestyle and travel experiences. In 2017, these tourists took one-tenth of China’s total outbound trips, but their overseas consumption accounted for half of all spending from Chinese travelers abroad, according to Chinese research institute Yaok’s report on Chinese affluent travellers.

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5. Infographic: Here's what happens in one minute on the Chinese Internet

As reported by Rad II China.

In August, China’s internet population surpassed 800 million for the first time according to official government statistics. So what are all those people up to? Well, here’s an at-a-glance guide.

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