Digital Marketing in China 13 articles

With one of the world’s largest online communities, China’s digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and incredibly unique. Learn more about the way Chinese consumers use the web and interact with social media and read the latest Chinese Digital Marketing News and insights with Sinorblog and discover how to overcome the technical challenges business face when operating from outside of China.

Marketing to Chinese travellers: Tourism Australia’s success

When it comes to organisations that have managed to capitalise on the Chinese travel market, Tourism Australia is an exemplary success story. In 2009, the overnight expenditure of Chinese tourists was contributing about $3 billion to the Australian economy, and was projected to reach $9 billion by 2020. Today, that initial projection has already been..

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China marketing acquisition: Turning strangers into advocates

China accounts for a quarter of the world’s internet population. This presents a significant opportunity for foreign industries looking to capitalise on a largely untapped market. However, this portion of the internet population is not surfing the same sites that we are. They have their own ecosystem with platforms that behave in a different capacity to..

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3 things you need to know about Digital Marketing in China

It’s now almost a year ago since the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) entered into force. Given that China is one of the world’s fastest growing consumer markets and home to over 710 million internet users, there’s no doubt that it holds tremendous opportunities for Australian businesses looking to expand their reach and global market share.

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