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WhatsApp automation tool

February 27, 2024 |   Jessica Naing

In today's fast-paced digital world, consumers have come to expect quick responses on social messaging platforms, and this is especially true in Asia. With 80% of adults acknowledging that messaging serves as a rapid and convenient means of communication with businesses, as they appreciate the flexibility to message at their convenience and receive swift responses. However, with over 800 million WhatsApp users in Asia and 175 million users messaging WhatsApp business accounts every day it can be challenging to address every inquiry promptly with limited resources or a small team.

To address these challenges, we are excited to share the most recent update to the Sinorbis Experience Platform: our WhatsApp automation tool. Our automations are set to redefine how you engage with your audiences across Asia by making every interaction more efficient and personalized. These automations will help streamline tasks and communications on WhatsApp, allowing you to respond to customer inquiries faster and more effectively. 

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Why should you use the Sinorbis Experience Platform’s automation tools for WhatsApp?  

WhatsApp automations allows your team to do more with less and create a more streamlined, effective, and engaging digital presence:

Time efficiency

Automation significantly cuts down the manual workload involved in managing customer communications. According to a recent study, implementing automation can increase the capacity of your sales team by 20%. 

  • Automated replies and Chatbots: save time by keeping your contacts engaged and answering common questions automatically, freeing you up to focus on more qualified prospects, urgent customer inquiries and more strategic activity.  
  • By automatically sorting contacts, you can strategically manage your contacts to keep your team organised and allow for prompt follow ups from the right person to enhance customer experience.  

Streamlined operations

Automating routine tasks liberates your team from tedious manual processes. This results in a leaner operation where resources can be dedicated to areas that drive sales productivity and increase conversion. Furthermore, companies that use marketing automation see a 53% increase in conversion rates, 14.5% increase in sales productivity and 12.2% marketing overhead reduction. 

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Enhanced customer experiences

Instantaneous and personalized interactions facilitated by automation can help elevate the customer experience, by reducing wait times with automated replies. In an era where time is of the essence, being able to provide immediate responses around the clock transforms customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is crucial, considering that customers with a positive experience are five times more likely to recommend a brand to others. Moreover, by automating the process to segment your audience you can tailor messages that better suits their needs to increase engagement.  

Strengthen brand loyalty

By actively interacting with their contacts through prompt, engaging, and personalized responses, brands can foster trust and solidify brand loyalty. According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index Online Survey, customers are seven times more likely to stay loyal to a brand on average when they have a positive experience with a brand. 

The Sinorbis Experience Platform’s WhatsApp marketing software also supports personalised variables and custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your automated replies to create more engaging messages to help increase conversion rates. 


A closer look at Sinorbis’ automation features 

Our WhatsApp automation tool encompasses various features, including: 

New Contacts Created 

When a new contact is created, this trigger allows for the automatic segmentation or assignment of ownership for new contacts based on specific conditions such as date added, country, email, and more. This ensures a streamlined process for managing contacts, enhancing the efficiency for follow-ups. Additionally, this saves you time by automatically growing your segments for personalised broadcast messages. 

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New Message Received 

When a new message is received on your WhatsApp account, this feature triggers the sending of automated messages based on criteria like the message's channel, keyword, language, and reception date. It's designed to ensure that every initial contact receives an immediate, relevant response, to improve customer satisfaction and engagement. 

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Here's a practical example of how you can use these features:

You need to send webinar invitations to prospective students in India, inviting them to a webinar about what makes the UK a great destination to study in. 

You already have an automation set up to automatically add all your WhatsApp contacts who are prospective students from India into a segment, with 3000 students already in the segment, saving you time from having to manually add every new contact to the correct segment.  

You decide to send a broadcast to your segment of 3000 prospective Indian students the webinar invitation, with the webinar link and a "Register" button. 

After choosing to register, users are directed to a form where they can fill in their details to join the webinar. Once the form is filled, it automatically registers the user for the Zoom webinar and the lead data can be directly integrated with your CRM or other existing marketing tools through a seamless integration

Interested to explore how you could build something similar for your organisation? Our team would be happy to show you a demo of these features in action. Request a demo here.  

WhatsApp automation chatbot and segmentation


How can you use WhatsApp automations? 

The versatility of WhatsApp automation makes it a valuable tool across various customer engagement scenarios: 

Instant customer support

Automated responses can immediately address common inquiries, providing customers with quick solutions and information. For more complex queries, automation can ensure customers are directed to the appropriate department or support agent without delay. 

Reminders and updates

For businesses that host events or webinars, automation can be used to send reminders, updates, and follow-up messages to participants, increasing engagement and attendance rates. 

Product recommendations and cross-selling

Based on the automated segments created you can leverage the broadcast feature to also send bulk WhatsApp messages or automated responses to suggest related products and services to enhance their experience on WhatsApp.  

Feedback and review collection

Post-purchase or service interactions, automation can solicit feedback and reviews from customers. This not only provides businesses with critical insights into their offerings but also engages customers in a way that makes them feel valued and heard. 

In essence, our automation tool is more than a technological upgrade; it's a strategic tool for marketers aiming to enhance digital engagement and operational efficiency across their digital assets for Asia. This tool can help businesses improve customer experiences, streamline operations, and build deeper connections with their audience.  

Explore the future of digital communication with Sinorbis and request a demo to transform your marketing strategy in Asia 


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