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Learn how to enhance your customer insights with the Sinorbis Profile

May 20, 2024 |   Jessica Naing

With differing digital assets and social channels needed to reach audiences across Asia, organisations often struggle with fragmented contact data. With information scattered across different systems it can be difficult to create a unified customer view.

Studies suggest that fragmented data can impede customer experience strategies, as organisations are unable to leverage full insights due to this dispersion. For instance, according to a report by Experian, 89% of marketers face common challenges in creating a single customer view, primarily due to data being spread across multiple platforms.

This challenge is exacerbated in Asia, where digital engagement is highly diversified across platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp, and LINE. This means separate platforms are needed to manage each social media account making it difficult to understand performance across the region.


What is the Sinorbis Profile?

To address these challenges, we’ve introduced a new feature called the Sinorbis profile - designed to consolidate contact management across multiple digital assets into a single interface. This feature on the Sinorbis Experience Platform is a game changer for organisations operating across Asia, integrating data from WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE (coming soon), and forms that would normally be siloed and fragmented across multiple systems, allowing you to view and manage it centrally.

The Sinorbis Profile not only tracks a contact’s basic information but also logs interactions and messages specific to each contact, regardless of the channel or country. Thus, when the same contact engages with you via different digital assets, you can easily identify that they are the same person, providing you with a complete and accessible customer profile with all contact data centralised in one place. And best of all, this data could also be linked back to your existing systems like a CRM.

sinorbis profile with orange box


Explore the features of the Sinorbis Profile

The Sinorbis Profile offers a suite of functionalities that enhance customer interaction management:

  • Conversation history across channels: Displays a unified view of conversations from different assets such as WeChat, WhatsApp, and LINE (coming soon). This is crucial, particularly for assets like WeChat, where typically messages are deleted after 30 days. It also allows for:
    • One-to-one conversations: Direct interactions with customers can be managed and personalised with a consolidated view of their interactions with your organisation to enhance customer relations.
    • Translation: Facilitates one-to-one communication across locales in Asia to overcome language barriers.
    • Show chatbots’ auto responses: Enables you to monitor and follow up on conversations based on your chatbot’s interactions. Check out our blog to learn more about Sinorbis’ automation tool.
    • Message favourites: Creates a quick reference to important messages, improving efficiency in customer communication management.
  • Form lists: Displays a history of all forms submitted by a contact across digital assets with translated data. This gives you insights into the performance of your organic and paid campaigns and helps you understand your contact’s interests to tailor marketing and sales efforts more effectively.

forms list from Sinorbis Profile

  • Activities: Provides a timeline of a contact’s touchpoints, offering insights into the customer journey, which is essential for developing targeted engagement strategies.

activities on the Sinorbis Profile

  • Assigning contact owners: Set contact owners manually or via automations on their profile. For example, you can assign a contact from a specific locale to a team member who speaks that language to ensure your contacts receive the best support.
  • Contact details: Automatically extracts contact details from each social channel, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Additionally, there is an option to sync Sinorbis profile data with your CRM – contact us to learn how we can implement this solution for you.

Contsct details from the Sinorbis Profile


How can the Sinorbis Profile help you

Understand the customer journey

With a comprehensive view of customer details, message history, and touchpoints, this allows you to develop a complete understanding of the customer journey and build data driven digital engagement strategies. By enhancing your understanding of the customer journey, this can help:

  • Enhance your digital experience: Analysing your message history can also enhance your digital experience management by creating content that aligns with the trends of common inquiries received in your messages. By doing so, you can produce more engaging content for blogs, WeChat posts, and other channels, directly addressing the interests and needs of your audience.
  • Improve automations: Access to message history enables organisations to build sophisticated automations based on frequently asked messages for chatbots, further enhancing responsiveness. Moreover, you can identify areas to improve with your current automations based on what contacts engage with the most. This is crucial given the time-sensitive nature of platforms like WeChat (48-hour response window) and WhatsApp (24-hour conversation window) to ensure you maximise engagement within the timeframes.
  • Improve return on investment (ROI) on campaigns across Asia: By reviewing the customer journey on the Sinorbis Profile, you can identify which touchpoints your contacts engage with the most and focus on enhancing these touchpoints to improve your ROI.

Improved customer segmentation

With access to detailed activity timelines and conversation histories, you can segment your customers more accurately based on their behaviour, preferences, and engagement levels. This allows for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.


With unlimited contacts, the Sinorbis Profile can scale to accommodate increased volumes of interactions and data from a range of popular messaging channels in Asia. As your organisation grows and expands into more Asian locales, this reduces the need to learn and manage separate platforms for each social messaging channel in Asia as the Sinorbis profile consolidates them all. For example, our automation tool allows you to create chatbots that apply across all channels. This makes it a sustainable tool for expanding enterprises, whilst maintaining a consistent digital presence throughout the region.

The Sinorbis Profile represents a pivotal solution for organisations looking to overcome the challenges of fragmented data and achieve superior omnichannel engagement across Asia. To learn how you can leverage this tool to enhance customer interactions and drive growth, request a demo.


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