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Introducing the Sinorbis Digital Experience Platform for Asia

September 14, 2023 |   Nicolas Chu and Dhruv Parashar

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects Asia will contribute approximately 70% of global growth this year, a trend that presents a significant opportunity for organisations around the world. Yet, the path to effectively engaging prospective students and clients across Asia is filled with unique challenges, including market fragmentation, different marketing channels as well as cultural, language, and regulatory complexities.

With a focused commitment to helping you navigate these challenges; we're pleased to unveil the Sinorbis Experience Platform.

Here’s what makes our new platform an indispensable tool:


Streamlined digital content creation and asset management

Seamlessly create, manage, and publish your content across multiple Asian markets through a centralised platform, designed to optimise efficiency and maintain consistency.

cms_naso campaign


Integrated omnichannel messaging and automation

Leverage the power of automated messaging to facilitate large-scale, meaningful interactions with prospective students and clients across various countries, while ensuring full compliance with regional regulations and standards.

messaging 2_naso campaign


Advanced analytics and dashboards:

Utilise comprehensive analytics tools to continuously monitor campaign performance, measure outreach effectiveness, and strategically refine your marketing initiatives for better outcomes.

analytics_naso campaign


No longer just focused on mainland China, the platform now also supports your marketing activity in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and more.

Our platform particularly excels in connecting you to prospective students through various social messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, and soon to include Zalo and Kakao Talk. This feature doesn't just save you time and resources; it also ensures that you communicate where your audience is most active and comfortable.

Sinorbis Experience Platform _ social messaging

Contact us today to learn more about the Sinorbis Experience Platform and how you can increase your reach with international students from Asia.



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