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How SEO reporting helps you understand your SEO performance across Asia

July 1, 2024 |   Jessica Naing

Marketers often face significant challenges when trying to assess their search engine optimisation (SEO) performance in Asia. The region's diverse digital landscape, with its multitude of search engines, unique user behaviours, and analytics designed for local users, can make it difficult to obtain a comprehensive view of SEO efforts.

The varying dominant search engines in each Asian country require a multifaceted SEO strategy for visibility across all platforms. This is challenging due to limited performance insights, as traditional SEO tools focus on Western search engines like Google and Bing, neglecting key Asian players such as Baidu, Naver, and Yahoo! Japan. Consequently, this lack of visibility hinders marketers' ability to optimise campaigns effectively across Asian markets.


Introducing Sinorbis' new SEO Reporting

Sinorbis is excited to announce the launch of our enhanced SEO Reporting add-on. These new reports extends the capabilities of our existing SEO functionalities, addressing the complexities of SEO in Asia, enabling marketers to monitor their SEO performance across all major Asian search engines. This expansion means that marketers are no longer confined to analysing performance metrics from just Chinese search engines but can obtain a panoramic view of their digital presence across the entire Asian continent.

Keyword, search engine, device setting for SEO reporting on Sinorbis

Comprehensive SEO reports for Asia

The Sinorbis Experience Platform's new SEO Reporting add-on bolsters your SEO strategy with comprehensive insights through two types of reports to deliver tangible results:

  • Default report: This report gives you a monthly snapshot of your SEO performance, helping you stay on top of trends and changes.
  • Custom report: Available as CSV or PDF, these reports can be tailored to any time frame, offering flexibility to meet your specific reporting needs.

The Sinorbis Experience Platform can track keywords and automatically translate them, allowing you to monitor your keywords in multiple languages, ensuring you don’t miss high search volume keywords to capture relevant traffic across different markets.

Keywords can also be tracked by:

  • Multiple search engines: Allowing you to gain a comprehensive view of your SEO performance on all major search engines in Asia, including Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Naver, Daum, 360, Sogou, and Shenma.
  • Country-specific tracking: Track your SEO efforts in various Asian countries, helping you tailor strategies to each unique market.
  • Device tracking: Understand how your site performs on different devices, from desktops to mobile phones, to ensure you optimise your site for the right device experience.

Additionally, with these new tracking features, Sinorbis introduces a new credit system to manage. Each keyword, search engine, country, and device tracked will use up credits, with each Sinorbis account equipped with 200 credits. This flexible system allows marketers to customise their SEO tracking needs according to their priorities and scale. Contact us to learn more about our credit system.


SEO reports include:

Visibility and keyword ranking performance: Gain comprehensive insights into your standings across Baidu, Bing, Shenma, and other search engines, including a detailed analysis of your keyword effectiveness.

Keyword trends: Track which keywords have gained or lost traction, enabling you to concentrate on effective content and win back pages that have dropped in the SERP.

Top traffic keywords: Identify the keywords that generate the most traffic to your site, enhancing your content and keyword strategies to boost ROI.

Competitor comparison: Track and evaluate your competitors' performance to identify opportunities to outrank them and refine your strategies to staying ahead in the SERPs.

Backlink performance overview: Analyse your backlink quality and impact by examining who links to you, the relevance of their content, each link's value, and the overall authority of your domain.

Site audit: Get a detailed audit of your website's health, identifying and prioritising the resolution of common SEO issues to maintain and enhance site performance.

SEO reports from the Sinorbis platform

With Sinorbis’ new SEO Reporting add-on, marketers can finally gain a clear, comprehensive understanding of their SEO performance across Asia, and overcome the challenges of the region’s diverse digital landscape to make data-driven decisions to enhance your SEO efforts. Request a demo to see how you can take your SEO strategy to the next level!


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