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Digital marketing in China: our top stories for January 2019

January 31, 2019 |   Christine Lee

In this month's From the Web our top stories include how luxury brands push 'the pig' in Chinese New Year campaigns along with five lessons for Chinese New Year. We also include stories on how China’s online shoppers are on course to spend US$2 trillion in 2019, and why Chinese tourists are shopping less .... plus more!

1. Luxury brands push the pig in Chinese New Year campaigns

As reported by Jing Daily.

As digital continues to sweep through China and consumer behaviour is transformed, a new study reveals a number of key trends likely to impact brands’ planning in 2019.

Chinese consumers now hold the world record for the number of apps on their devices – over 100 – which is an indicator of their appetite for all things digital and the rapid pace of development.

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2. Why are Chinese tourists shopping less?

As reported by Jing Daily.

The recent headlines proclaiming that Chinese tourists are shopping less abroad may seem alarming, but it’s not all bad news, particularly not for the travel industry and service providers, who are set to welcome a record 7 million outbound Chinese tourists during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday that begins on February 5th.

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3. Five lessons for Chinese New Year

As reported by Warc.

Chinese New Year has proved a complicated time for Western brands trying to make an impression. UM China’s CSO, Lin Liu, proposes five key ideas that strategists need to consider about when thinking about CNY.

While the rise of e-commerce festivals throughout the year has been diluting the importance of the Chinese New Year (CNY) as a key sales season, its significance as a stage for brands to make a strong impression on China culturally and socially has actually risen.  Yet when the spot light turns on, can brands perform?

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4. China's online spending to hit USD$2 trillion this year

As reported by Tech in Asia.

Just two years after China’s online shoppers hit the US$1 trillion milestone, they’re on course to spend US$2 trillion in 2019. That’s the equivalent of every one of China’s 802 million web users spending US$2,494 at online stores.

By the end of the year, over a third of China’s retail sales will occur online – and that’s “by far the highest rate in the world,” the analysts say.

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5. Microsoft's search engine Bing again accessible in China

As reported by Technode.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing is once again accessible in China following an outage  that sparked concern it had become the latest victim of government censorship.

According to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg, Bing was blocked due to an accidental technical error, rather than an act of censorship.

The outage prompted concern over whether Bing had become the latest foreign search engine to be blocked by China’s Great Firewall, the country’s mechanism for regulating the Chinese internet by blocking access to foreign websites.

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