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SEM China: 5 Steps for Better Results

Building a Plan for SEM in China

Getting to know Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is essential for any business. It helps to cement your brand and reach a wider audience. In China SEM is the key to helping businesses break into that flourishing market.

SEM and SEO are used to raise your business profile. SEM refers to..

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Remain Visible in Baidu SEM After the Wei Zexi Incident

21-year-old Wei Zexi, a Chinese college student, hit the news in April when he died from a rare form of cancer. It wasn’t his death that raised concern, but the form of treatment he was given in a Beijing hospital. He had sought help for his condition, searching for answers from China’s top search engine, Baidu. He chose an experimental treatment from a..

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China Search Engine Marketing

With Western search engines such as Google almost non-existent in China, it’s no surprise that SEO and SEM strategies in the country are entirely different. Just as China has its own Chinese social media channels, it also has its own Chinese search engines, meaning that search engine optimisation tactics in the region are much different to those in the..

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