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Single's Day 2016, the largest shopping day in history

Alibaba blows last year’s record out of the water

On 11 November 2016, Alibaba sold a record breaking ¥120.7 Bn (A$23.2 Bn) total GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) in 24 hours, 32% more than last year’s figures of ¥91.2 Bn (A$17.5 Bn).

At the nationwide shopping spree’s peak, Alipay processed 120,000 transactions per second and Alibaba Cloud processed..

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The China Australia Free Trade Agreement - ChAFTA

The China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a game changer for Australian companies involved with China as it paves the way for easier trade between the two countries. This bilateral agreement will not only put Australia on a level playing field with other nations who have already signed FTAs with China, it will also put Australia at an..

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Remain Visible in Baidu SEM After the Wei Zexi Incident

21-year-old Wei Zexi, a Chinese college student, hit the news in April when he died from a rare form of cancer. It wasn’t his death that raised concern, but the form of treatment he was given in a Beijing hospital. He had sought help for his condition, searching for answers from China’s top search engine, Baidu. He chose an experimental treatment from a..

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The launch of Sinorbis

During the morning of Tuesday 31 May 2016, Sinorbis hosted its official launch event in the heart of Sydney CBD at Merivale’s event venue, Fourth Floor. Guests, who included clients, investors and media representatives, mingled over delicate sweets and treats, and I’m sure I heard someone say something about a dragon….

To business, and kicking off the..

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Is it the right time to enter the Chinese Market?

These days, the Chinese economy is one which often confuses business owners.

Who hasn’t seen one of those reports describing "new normal" low GDP levels, massive economic bubbles or China’s stock market crashes?

Despite all this, the Chinese market is one that is filled with opportunities for overseas businesses. China, as well as being the second..

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The birth of Sinorbis

In Latin, Sina means China and Orbis, the World. Our mission at Sinorbis is to connect Chinese customers with the rest of the world…

For those who have worked with me, it is no secret that I have always been fascinated by the huge potential of the online Chinese market.

It started 10 years ago through my interactions with e-long, the joint venture that..

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