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Infant-Formula Makers Milk Chinese Consumers’ Wallets

As reported by Caixin.

Parents in China spend more on infant formula than anywhere else in the world, a study has found, thanks to lingering fears about cheap domestic products years after the 2008 melamine scandal.

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Families with 2- to 3-month-olds in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland spend on average $304 and $286 per month on..

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As reported by Mintel.

Mintel has revealed the key consumer trends set to impact China in 2018. Brands that tap into traditional native Chinese philosophy, remedies and forms of exercise in product formulation and marketing messages will find success.

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Consumers will look negatively on brands that do not offer mobile alternatives and..

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Alibaba vs JD: Getting Singles Day packages to your door


As reported by Technode.

For the past few weeks, Chinese e-commerce titans have been racking their brains as the year’s largest shopping spree, Singles’ Day is fast approaching on November 11. This isn’t just a competition of who has the best marketing stunts or the biggest subsidies for vendors; the life and death of the online retailers also depend..

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How to Use New Retail Online-to-Offline Marketing with China Influencers

As reported by Digital Luxury Group.

China’s new retail ecosystem demands the integration of Chinese influencers and online-to-offline marketing for it to be successful in such a rapidly changing environment.

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Over the past few years, China’s booming e-commerce industry and the new retail ecosystem have been making headlines around the..

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The road ahead in China

As reported by Skyscanner.

Chinese consumers are already accustomed to a broad range of mobile technologies, which are only beginning to take hold in other countries. What makes these digital tools useful in China will also make them attractive around the world. 

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China leads the world in e-commerce and is expected to exceed $1.132..

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How China's Shopping Malls Survive And Thrive In The E-Commerce Age

As reported by Forbes.

It is an understatement to say that the impact of e-commerce on China's traditional retail establishments has been extreme. According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, 15.5% of all retail sales, amounting to $752 billion ($610 billion tangible goods), were transacted online last year — up 26.2% year-on-year.

Read full..

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Huawei edges out Apple in China

As reported by Pymts.com.

A study of 1,000 Chinese consumers indicates that for the first time, local maker Huawei has edged out Apple for being the number one smartphone consumers are preparing to purchase.

… Read full article

This results sounds the latest round of alarms about the iPhone 8 — and indicates just how powerful the players making phones in..

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Chinese household assets surge 18%, debt also soars

As reported by South China Morning Post.

The wealth of Chinese families has increased sharply over the past year, underscoring the rising prosperity of the nation’s middle class, but also raising concerns over rising debt levels, according to an annual survey by Allianz.

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In its latest Global Wealth Report, the German insurer estimated..

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China’s Millennials are driving world travel growth

As reported by Bloomberg.

Burgeoning wanderlust among young Chinese is becoming a key driver of global travel growth and helping reshape the domestic economy.

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"China, led by younger adults, has become vital to the global travel market's growth”… “As China's travel market takes off, all eyes should be on the country's roughly 400..

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Where in the World is Alipay?

As reported by PYMTS.com.

Where in the world is Alipay? At this point, pretty much everywhere Chinese tourists might want to go, with most of Europe and North America now supported and South America being the only major exception.

Alipay boasts more than 500 million registered users and plans to grow that number to exceed 2 billion within the next 10..

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Daigou Down Under: The Chinese Shopping Trend Taking Australia by Storm (and Public Listing to Boot)

As reported by This Week in Asia.

China’s overseas shoppers have become big business in Australia, with the power to make or break brands. As the once informal affair morphs into a multimillion-dollar industry, growing pains include greater competition and interest from the taxman.

In February, Guangxi native Alex Zhu came up with a new scheme to help..

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Chemist Warehouse extends exclusive agreement with Tmall Global

As reported by Alizila.

Australian pharmacy Chemist Warehouse has announced an extension of its exclusive partnership with Tmall Global, Alibaba Group’s dedicated cross-border e-commerce site, as it looks to further grow its market share in the world’s second-largest economy.

According to the agreement, Alibaba will support Chemist Warehouse during major..

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Alibaba Wants to Bring Big Data to 1 Million Mom-and-Pop Stores

As reported by Caixin.

E-commerce titan Alibaba aims to venture further offline by bringing 1 million mom-and-pop stores into its data-backed retail system by March, the company announced.

Major e-commerce companies have been taking a greater interest in traditional retailers since they started making a cautious comeback earlier this year as online..

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Chinese Innovation QR Code Mobile Payment Wants To Conquer The World

As reported by China Tech Insights.

China is going cashless, no doubt. Chinese consumers spent a total of US$5.5 trillion via mobile payment platforms last year, or simply put, it was about 50 times more than their American counterparts (around US$112 billion), according to data from Forrester Research and iResearch. 

The credit of the country’s..

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WeChat launches ‘Top Topics’ feature similar to Weibo

As reported by Technode.

WeChat just rolled out a new feature called “WeChat Top Topics” in its app, showing users in the search section the trending topics circulating on the internet based on WeChat Index.

Now, when users tap on the “search” icon on their WeChat apps, they can see an option of searching by “Information.” This is where users get to..

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Why Chinese Parents Spend Huge Amounts of Money on Children’s Summer Programs

As reported by What’s on Webo.

An essay titled “A Monthly Salary of 30,000 RMB Is Not Enough for a Child’s Summer Holiday” has recently gone viral on Chinese social media, triggering hot debates on how more and more Chinese parents spend huge amounts of money to educate their children during school holidays. Are they simply concerned about their child’s..

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In China, KFC tests out ‘smile to pay’

As reported by Tech in Asia.

First you browse KFC’s selection on the screen, tap your choices…And then look up to seal the deal. The facial recognition ties into a popular mobile wallet app called Alipay. Ant Financial, a spin-off from ecommerce giant Alibaba and maker of Alipay, created the tech for KFC. The firm describes it as “smile to pay.” The..

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5 reasons why China’s online retail is insanely successful

As reported by Technode.

E-commerce in China has seen such rapid growth in 2017 that even something as mundane as selling vegetables is starting to sound sexy.

The success has drawn China’s largest e-commerce companies to new frontiers: Alibaba, JD, Tencent and even Meituan have been heavily investing in fresh food e-commerceoffline stores, as well as ..

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How China’s Wealthy Online Shoppers Buy Depends on Where They Live

As reported by Jing Daily.

Affluent Chinese consumers have demonstrated highly varied luxury brand preferences depending on the cities and regions they live in. The findings show that Italian jewellery and luxury goods brand Bulgari is the favourite label among people in the Northeast region when buying online, followed by Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes,..

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Apple accepts WeChat Pay in bid to boost sales in China

As reported by The Drum.

Apple will now accept WeChat Pay as a payment method for App Store and iTunes purchases as it seeks to boost sales in China. 

The move comes months after Apple and WeChat owner Tencent fell out over Apple’s stance on in-app purchases.

In a statement to Chinese media, Apple said the company is “dedicated to providing multiple..

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Chinese luxury consumers: More global, more demanding, still spending

As reported by McKinsey & Company.

Even as growth slows, there’s a sizable, and sophisticated, pool of luxury shoppers in China. But brands need to take a new approach to keep them interested.

The importance of China for the luxury-goods market is best shown through some statistics. The number of Chinese millionaires is expected to surpass that of any..

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Luxury Goods Sell for 50% Higher in China Than in France or Italy

As reported by Caixin Global.

Luxury goods sell for 50% more in China than in France and Italy, and 20% more than the global average. But emerging markets — including China and Russia — continue to drive growth for the sector.

Compared with France, China’s highest premium is for watches and jewellery, at 55% more expensive on average, while bags were the..

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China online retail shows rapid growth in the first half of 2017

As reported by Technode.

From January to June 2017, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 17.2 trillion RMB ($2.5 trillion), up by 10.4% year-on-year. In the first six months of 2017, China’s national online retail sales of goods and services was 3.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 33.4% year-on-year and accounting for over 18% of total retail..

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Chinese online shoppers show strong demand for Australian goods

As reported by FedEx.

The outlook for Australian businesses selling to China looks bright, with more than 84% of Chinese online shoppers highly likely to buy at least one Australian product in the next 12 months.

The poll of 1,000 Chinese online shoppers (18 – 44 years old and living in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) shows..

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China’s digital economy: A leading global force

As reported by McKinsy & Company.

China is already more digitized than many observers appreciate and has the potential to set the world’s digital frontier in coming decades.

China has one of the most active digital-investment and start-up ecosystems in the world, according to a new discussion paper from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), China’s..

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Three Golden Rules of Brand-Building in China

As reported by Ad Age.

Two conflicting factors motivate Chinese consumers: They want to project their status, but they also want to protect their economic and social interests.

This conflict is clear in the rhythms of daily life in China. Passion for luxury brands, over-the-top names of apartment buildings ("The Gathering of All Heroes under Heaven,"..

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China's smaller cities fuelling a US$9.7t consumer market

As reported by Business Times.

Spending power in the world's most populous nation may just be revving up.

China's smaller cities will fuel a US$9.7 trillion consumption market by 2030, according to Morgan Stanley. That excludes megacities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as well as 26 so-called tier-2 cities such as Tianjin and Xian. To..

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China social media set to morph into shopping platform

As reported by China Daily.

China's shoppers expect a more personalized customer experience in a new digital era where the distinction between online and offline matters less, a new report on Chinese consumer trends has found.

Social media set to morph into shopping platform: new report - Business - Chinadaily.com.cn


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Rising incomes drive more frequent Chinese travel

As reported by Travel Daily Asia.

Chinese travellers now have the means and desire to travel, and the vast majority expect to do so more often in future.

These are the key findings of a new report from Sabre, which discovered that an overwhelming 90% of Chinese travellers are now hoping to travel more frequently than they did five years ago. As well as..

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Chinese e-commerce boom - bigger than US, UK combined

As reported by Axios.

Last year Chinese consumers spent about $750 billion online, outspending both U.S. and UK consumers' online purchases combined, and beyond that, China has been a standout in adopting e-commerce as a driving habit in retail, according to Boston Consulting Group. The rate of growth of e-commerce as a portion of retail in China is..

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Why western brands need to abandon outdated ideas and embrace modern china

As reported by The Drum News.

Western brands risk alienating China’s young, modern consumers with campaigns that miss the mark culturally and play to Western clichés of the country, according to marketing experts.

Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana recently became the latest international brand to offend China’s vocal netizens with a social media campaign,..

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Tencent confirms WeChat will introduce paid content for official accounts

As reported by Technode.

WeChat, Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s social networking and chat app, will roll out paid services for content offered by official accounts, an authority at the Chinese internet giant told Yicai Global. 

WeChat invited selected official accounts to trial its paid content function, which is not open to general users for the time being...

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Premium products are hot in China

As reported by Marketing Interactive.

Chinese consumers are looking for a taste of the good life, and not just those who are wealthy. Sales of premium tier products, as goods that cost at least 20% more than the average price for the category, are growing at a rapid pace.

According to recent Nielsen Retail Sales data, which captures sales and price data..

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Working it out: new trends in fitness in China

As reported by CKGSD Knowledge.

New approaches to health and wellness in China are coming into vogue, particularly among the young, hip and urban. Rising with this trend is a multibillion dollar fitness and food industry. At its heart, all of this represents a fundamental generational change in attitude, one linked to the emergence of broad prosperity...

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The 2016 WeChat Data Report

As reported by WeChat Chatterbox.

What’s new with the WeChat lifestyle this year? 

The latest data report from WeChat 2016 show there are 768,000,000 daily logged in users (Sep 16), a 67% y-o-y growth in the number of messages sent per day, with 50% of users on the app for at least 90 minutes a day.

The daily average calls connected is 100,000,000, a..

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As Cross-Border buying booms, so does Tmall Global

As reported by Alizilia.

The demand for overseas goods continues to drive cross-border e-commerce in China and, as a result, further growth for Tmall Global.

The B2C shopping site, which provides Chinese consumers with a direct sales channel to overseas retailers, saw the total number of international brands on the platform skyrocket 169 percent to..

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WeChat on a collision course with Apple

As reported by Tech in Asia.

Apple’s App Store is a US$28 billion business – of which Apple itself pocketed a tidy US$8.4 billion in 2016. With 2.2 million apps, it’s an empire that Tim Cook’s company protects with all its firepower. But it’s now under threat more than ever.

The latest and boldest challenge comes from China. WeChat, the nation’s top..

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Didi's Cheng Wei Is Forbes Asia's 2016 Businessman Of The Year

As reported by Forbes.

At first Cheng Wei seems the antithesis of Travis Kalanick, who is known for his forward manner as the CEO of Uber Technologies. Cheng, the founder of Chinese ride-service Didi Chuxing, Uber's counterpart, is bespectacled and cherubic. With his humble demeanor, the 33-year-old can easily pass as a fresh college graduate.

But this..

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China Deal Watch

As reported by Bloomberg

Chinese companies are buying up overseas assets at the fastest pace on record. This graphic, updated weekly, takes a close look at what China is acquiring, and where. The numbers reveal a lot about the country’s growing global ambitions.

On Aug 17, China’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and others agreed to buy a minority stake in T..

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China Cross-border E-commerce Industry Overview

As reported by Business Wire

The trade value of cross-border e-commerce reached CNY 4.8 trillion increasing by 28% YOY in China in 2015 and it is expected to exceed CNY 6 trillion in 2016. According to estimation, the trade value of cross-border e-commerce will exceed CNY 14 trillion by 2020 with the CAGR reaching 20% from 2015 to 2021 ... Read More

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Few Australian businesses are capitalising on explosion in Chinese tourism

As reported by eGlobal

While the US is still the most popular long-haul destination for Chinese outbound travellers, Australia is rapidly catching up as a preferred holiday destination.

Exclusive data from Sogou (one of China’s largest search engines) reveals that searches for travel to Australia surged by 201% in 2015, compared with a 35% increase for..

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Tourism players told to tap Chinese travel sites

As reported by The Australian

Searches by Chinese tourists for travel to Australia surged 201 per cent in 2015, compared with a 35 per cent increase for the US and 17 per cent for Europe.


Fifty-six per cent of Chinese foreign tourists are 35 or younger, 54 per cent are female, 59 per cent have children at or before school age, and 40 per cent earn..

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Online deals will account for 40% of China’s retail sales by 2020

As reported by The Standard

China retail sales are forecast to exceed 50 trillion yuan by 2020, with online retail sales estimated to account for 40 percent of retail sales, compared with 10.8 percent at end of 2015.

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How Facebook is copying WeChat

Reported by WalktheChat

Facebook is literally, step by step, becoming a WeChat copycat. After inspiring itself from WeChat payment and WeChat public accounts, it is now copying much of the public accounts design.

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Daigous and the demand for Australian baby formula

Rachel Premack reporting for Washington Post

Half of Australia's formula sold at retail goes to China through consumer-to-consumer channels, the Sydney Morning Herald revealed last year, with Chinese demand for the product accounting for more than $200 million in sales in 2015.

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Young Chinese consumers are the world’s most brand conscious

The brands relevant to China’s Gen-Y and Gen-Z, as per 2016 RTG Brand Relevance Report (pdf).


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China Tightens Internet Rules for Baidu and Other Search Engines

Reported on bloomberg.com:

Under rules to take effect Aug. 1, search engines operating in the country will be prohibited from providing banned information in various formats including links, summaries, cached pages, associative words, related searches and relevant recommendations, the Cyberspace Administration of China said in a statement. They will..

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Facebook? What’s that? WeChat rules in China

Tencent Pinguin Research releases an report on WeChat

Reported by WalktheChat

Key highlights include:

- 70% of users spend more than 100 RMB per month on WeChat - WeChat news overtakes both news websites and TV combined - 61% of WeChat users open WeChat more than 10 times per day - 28% of users have more than 200 friends, that's more than twice last..

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Wechat dominates the China Mobile Internet Usage

Mary Meeker's report on 2016 Internet Trends

With 35% of time spent on mobile, Wechat dominates the China Mobile Internet Usage (more than Baidu and Alibaba combined) - @marymeeker

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Vitamins: the dwindling days of Daigous

Sinorbis’ CEO & Founder, Nicolas Chu, hits the headlines in this SMH article on the dwindling days of Daigous – China’s vitamins “suitcase traders”.

Simon Evans writing for smh.com.au:

Research by one of China's largest search engines, Sogou, showed that in 2015 there was a 232 per cent rise in the number of online searches by Chinese consumers for..

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Visitors from China hit 1.12m in a year

Garry Shilson-Josling writing for News.com.au:

The trend has been reinforced by a combination of strong economic growth in emerging economies, notably China, and sluggish growth in household incomes in Australia.

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Breaking into China market: a hard road for Australian business

Eleanor writing for abc.net

Businesses have had to negotiate the myriad of Chinese regulators and navigate the internet restrictions - better known as the "Great Firewall of China". That's opened up an opportunity for a specialist digital business.

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