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5 tips for developing a Chinese search engine marketing strategy

Google’s dominance in the search engine market is unmatched in the world. With one exception: China. In the Middle Kingdom, the tech giant has been unable to establish itself as local regulation would have required Google to limit access to information considered sensitive by the government.

While there has been some talk lately that Google may be..

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Baidu trends gives invaluable insights to Marketers

Chinese search engine insights remain one of the easiest and cheapest way to do market research in China, allowing you to optimise your marketing activity and platforms to suit your user’s needs. 

What is Baidu Trends?

Baidu Index (known as Baidu Zhishu and comparable with Google Trends) allows users to look up the search volume and trends for certain..

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8 mistakes you need to avoid for optimal Chinese search engine results

The better the SEO of your website, the better the likelihood of your website receiving a higher ranking on the organic search results of Chinese search engines. By virtue of its cost-effective advantages, website SEO has become one of the major digital channel for companies to build up their brand and attract traffic.

However, there are still some..

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Revealed: How to gain top ranking in Chinese search engine results

The Chinese search engine is a vital tool that must be understood and mastered by any company wishing to tap into the Chinese market. In this post, we will address the most important factors marketers need to consider to develop an effective Chinese search engine strategy.

Before we develop a strategy, we need to define the goals the company wants to..

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China SEO: SEO Link Building & Optimisation for Chinese search engines

Chinese search engine optimisation is indispensable to your digital presence in China and should be one of your company’s top priorities to tap into Chinese online demand. As a key part of the search engine ranking and optimisation strategy, website link building involves both internal and external links. Both types of links play an important role for..

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4 Steps to Generate the Best SEO Keyword: China SEO Keyword Strategy

Your website ranking and traffic is a direct result of how you select and optimize your website keywords. Using a China SEO keyword strategy, you need to consider primary keywords, secondary keywords as well as long tail keywords. So how do you select keywords with targeted traffic?

There are four steps you need to consider. They are the choice of..

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Baidu SEO Optimisation: Improve rankings in China

The Chinese search engine market is booming and the demand for information from Chinese consumers remains insatiable. With over 700 million active internet users in 2016 and 6 billion daily search queries on Baidu alone, improving your search engine ranking remains one of the most effective ways to reach Chinese digital consumers.


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Top 5 things to know for an effective China Mobile SEO

With the growing competition in PPC, i.e. search engine marketing in China, more and more businesses have become aware of the enormous potential in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), on both desktop and mobile devices. Here we show you how to do an effective mobile SEO for Chinese search engines and capitalise the opportunities from 695M mobile internet..

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Chinese PPC and Sogou Search Engine

China’s 2nd Largest Search Engine 

When Chinese search engines are discussed, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is never far behind. PPC marketing is a fast, effective method of promotion for business owners that provides instant results. There are several major Chinese PPC platforms and often it can be difficult to decide which search engines can best meet..

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Baidu SEO Keyword Filtering Approach

Compared with western search engines, Baidu SEO is very unique and hard. When doing SEO for Baidu, keyword research should be done for Baidu as well.

Chinese people will have different search preference than people in other countries. In this article, we outline key approach on Baidu SEO keyword filtering to help business better understand China..

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