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How foreign brands can successfully position themselves in China

Global marketers can no longer rely on "foreignness" to add premium value to their foreign brands in the Chinese market. But in some categories, health and safety concerns have seen a comeback in overseas brand relevance.

It’s important to understand the historical context to evaluate where we are today with regard to the foreign-local brand dynamic in..

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Tmall ecosystem: What you need to know?

Successfully launching a Chinese eCommerce store starts with understanding Tmall and its ecosystem. Why Tmall?

With a market share of 30% Tmall, formerly known as Taobao Mall, is China’s largest B2C eCommerce platform. As the B2C arm of the Alibaba Group, it not only has over 400 million active users posting 20 million comments and reviews on the..

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Tmall Digital Marketing: Forever 21 succeeds, ASOS closes Tmall store

Understanding the Tmall ecosystem is the first step to launching a successful online store in China. But building a sustainable eCommerce presence is not just about using the right tools on Tmall, it’s applying them in the context of a dedicated China digital marketing strategy and integrating them with the digital channels on and off Tmall such as..

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How to sell to China online: Capture demand for international products

China is now the largest online shopping market in the world, reaching USD$683 Bn (RMB 4.7 Tn)1 gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2016, with 467 million digital shoppers and accounting for over 40% of the total global online shopping sales.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. According to Forbes, online sales are expected to grow a further 20%,..

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Singles day sales: China's Largest Shopping Day in History

Alibaba blows last year’s record out of the water

On 11 November 2016, Alibaba sold a record breaking ¥120.7 Bn (A$23.2 Bn) total GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) in 24 hours, 32% more than last year’s figures of ¥91.2 Bn (A$17.5 Bn).

At the nationwide shopping spree’s peak, Alipay processed 120,000 transactions per second and Alibaba Cloud processed..

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Popular Australian Products in China

Chinese shoppers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and affluent, and the type of products and services sought by Chinese consumers is changing. Services are forecast to overtake goods as the drivers of urban consumption growth, with an 11% increase annually through 2020, accounting for 51% of all growth in urban consumption compared to the annual..

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Cross Border e Commerce China: China's Market Opportunity and Key Trends

The China market opportunity is enormous, with China’s social and economic transformation over the past decade giving rise to a new age of consumerism. Rapid urbanisation, increased affluence and digital commerce have seen private consumption rise dramatically. It is forecast to grow by another 50% by 2020, to A$8.6 trillion, making it one of the main..

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ChAFTA helps open up opportunities for Australian businesses

The China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a game changer for Australian companies involved with China as it paves the way for easier trade between the two countries. This bilateral agreement will not only put Australia on a level playing field with other nations who have already signed FTAs with China, it will also put Australia at an..

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Is it the right time to enter the Chinese Market?

These days, the Chinese economy is one which often confuses business owners.

Who hasn’t seen one of those reports describing "new normal" low GDP levels, massive economic bubbles or China’s stock market crashes?

Despite all this, the Chinese market is one that is filled with opportunities for overseas businesses. China, as well as being the second..

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The Chinese Digital Consumer

Digital Marketing in China is much larger than many expect, with over 668 million consumers connected to the internet and 596 million mobile internet users.

China has both the largest internet population and the largest number of mobile internet users in the world. Any business looking to promote their products in China needs to join the online..

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