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5 common China market entry mistakes – and how to avoid them

With an economy larger than the combined value of Russia, Brazil and India, and around 1.4 billion potential consumers, China poses a key opportunity for SMEs. Australian SMEs are particularly well poised to take advantage of this opportunity, due to our geographical proximity, the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement, and the generally high esteem in..

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Move over Gen Y and Z: the rise of older KOLs in China

When we talk about KOL marketing in China, the conversation tends to revolve around younger – that is, millennial and Gen Z – KOLs. This can be for a number of reasons: the “cool factor” that youth can give brands; the growing spending power and influence of this demographic; the idea of “getting them young” and cultivating loyal customers who will..

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How to nail KOL marketing in China

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Elijah Whaley for an hour-long webinar about KOL marketing in China. As former chief marketing officer of influencer marketing platform PARKLU, Whaley is one of the world’s foremost experts on KOLs, and our discussion ranged from the dos and don’ts of KOL marketing, when and how to include KOLs in your ..

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How China’s middle-class is changing

According to research by China Internet Watch (CIW), mainland China is now home to 33.2 million  middle-class households. The majority of middle-class households are based in East China, accounting for over 40% of the total.

Over 10 million out of the 33.2 million Chinese households belong to the ‘new middle class’ which refers to people who own a high..

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Opportunities for the Australian education sector in China

While most tertiary education providers are aware of the importance of Chinese international students to their market, the opportunities aren’t limited to this sector. Indeed, there are many educational opportunities that Australia – and indeed other countries – can take advantage of, from K-12 all the way through to postgraduate and vocational education.

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Key factors to successfully doing business in China

If there’s someone who knows something about successfully doing business in China, it’s Alison Airey, CEO of the Australia China Business Council (ACBC). The ACBC is a membership-based, non-profit, non-government organisation which actively promotes two-way trade and investment, and economic cooperation and understanding, between the business communities..

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Chinese marketing: 5 creative Chinese New Year marketing ideas

 As important as Christmas is to Western consumers, the Chinese Lunar New Year is like Christmas on steroids. According to China UnionPay, last year Chinese consumers spent 926 billion yuan (around 185 billion Australian dollars) during the Lunar New Year holiday, a figure that was a year-on-year increase of 10%, according to the Ministry of Commerce.


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Chinese Tourism Marketing tips to appeal to the Chinese traveller

The epic Chinese New Year migration is almost upon us. Known locally as ‘chunyun’, it is known as the world’s largest human migration, with around 3 billion trips expected to be made – this works out to about 2 trips for every single member of the Chinese population.

As affluence grows in China, more and more people are making trips to locations..

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Case study: How Chatty Kids cracked the WeChat marketing code

There are few Australian companies that have been able to crack the WeChat marketing code, and Chatty Kids, an educational platform that helps kids learn how to read and speak English, is one of them. At this year’s Access China Summit, Chatty Kids founder Ken Taggart spoke about how his start-up have used WeChat to win over Chinese consumers, and what..

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Business failure in China: Why the biggest businesses failed

According to Global Rev Gen’s executive director Rob Brown, there are three big reasons why foreign companies failed in China, which he revealed during his presentation at the Access China Summit 2017.

In part one of this three-part series, we revealed the first reason: “red dragons”. This was the term Brown used to describe the extent to which power..

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